Tom Anderson
Patient since 2007

“Motorcycle vs. Dumptruck. I was riding the motorcycle; you can figure out the rest. I started out having my foot removed, which was great except I had to get a 1 1/8 inch lift on my other shoe to make up for the material build-up needed for my prosthesis. Because I was so active, I kept developing bone spurs. After 15 surgeries, I opted for an elective transtibial amputation. Since then, no more surgeries, no more pain, no more shoe lifts. My quality of life has improved greatly with my first BK Prosthesis. I had to learn what I could and couldn’t do with the new prosthetic design. As it turned out, there isn’t much I can’t do. I’m pretty rough on componentry by just being me. Don and I always have a good laugh when I tell him what I was doing when something broke. I think I would be the perfect crash test prosthetic dummy. Don has designed my current prosthesis, and I haven’t broken anything on it yet. Stay tuned!...Thank you everyone at Achilles.”