Patient Stories

Tracy Tabin
Patient since 2004

“I became an amputee in January of 2000 from “Gambling Debts” – just kidding. I had an embolism (blood clot) DVT behind my right knee. I have been very fortunate to have a CPO at Achilles. It has been very positive. I call Don my “Leg Man.” My first prosthesis took me some time to adjust to, but I was able to adapt to it very well. I am on my 4th leg from Achilles. I was surprised how I was able to do most things I did before. I feel Don takes the time with his clients and listens to their needs and concerns. They go the extra mile to help with paperwork for insurance and doctors. I’ve always enjoyed the staff; they are always so friendly when I come in.”

Tom Anderson
Patient since 2007

“Motorcycle vs. Dumptruck. I was riding the motorcycle; you can figure out the rest. I started out having my foot removed, which was great except I had to get a 1 1/8 inch lift on my other shoe to make up for the material build-up needed for my prosthesis. Because I was so active, I kept developing bone spurs. After 15 surgeries, I opted for an elective transtibial amputation. Since then, no more surgeries, no more pain, no more shoe lifts. My quality of life has improved greatly with my first BK Prosthesis. I had to learn what I could and couldn’t do with the new prosthetic design. As it turned out, there isn’t much I can’t do. I’m pretty rough on componentry by just being me. Don and I always have a good laugh when I tell him what I was doing when something broke. I think I would be the perfect crash test prosthetic dummy. Don has designed my current prosthesis, and I haven’t broken anything on it yet. Stay tuned!...Thank you everyone at Achilles.”

Gary Daughtery
Gary Daughtery
Patient since 2002

"Since my accident, and my amputation, I have met many interesting people. Doctors, other Amputees, and my Prosthetist, Don Newton, CPO. Together we have worked hard to get me back to where I am today. I have come along away, and I do things a little differently now, but I am able to do EVERYTHING I want.”

Cody Mello
Patient since 2010

“A few years ago I was involved in a work-related accident.  My leg got caught in some farming equipment.  It’s been a journey.  I have gone from requiring the use of a cane to being able to walk very well independently.  Thanks to all the staff at Achilles Prosthetics & Orthotics for their kind, and professional service.”

Greg Johnson
Patient since 1991

“On April 5th 1968 in Vietnam, I was injured by a landmine explosion that resulted in the loss of my right leg just above the knee. In my 45 years as an amputee, I have used many components and seen many changes. The microprocessor knee has greatly enhanced stability. I feel safer than I ever have with my microprocessor knee. Many thanks to Don Newton and his caring staff for keeping me on my feet.”

Stephan St. Onge
Patient Since 2018

I have been an amputee for over 15 years but only found Achilles a couple of years ago. I had been dealing with ill-fitting sockets for years giving me sores on my limb and the inability to live an active life like I used to. I now find complete comfort in my prosthesis and love the active prosthetic foot they provided for me. Everyday I ride my bike with my dog Mack - who I pull in a trailer - and head down to the beach. I am also stand up paddle boarding again which has been just awesome. Thank you to the whole team at Achilles and Logan for helping me get my life back!

construction amputee work and amputee tractor driver
Rex Keeling
Patient Since 1979

"MOBILITY is more important than my house or my car or any other item you would think is important for daily living. My prosthetic leg is essential in allowing me to live to my full potential. There is no one else I trust or have trusted more than Achilles to keep me moving." 

Rex is the owner of his own construction business and works with heavy machinery on a daily basis. Married with two daughters and a son, Rex snow skis, water skis, races off road (including both the Baja 500 and 1000 in Mexico) and is also a licensed pilot.

Darrell Houchin
Patient Since 2012

In 2012 I lost my leg due to a motorcycle accident. The guy who hit me had no insurance and I had just started a job and was a month away from getting insurance from work. In spite of my situation, Achilles worked with me and got me walking again. Logan, my prosthetist, is so good at what he does it is unbelievable. Achilles is the only place that I would ever go for my prosthetics. As you can see, Logan got it to where I can ride again with flames on my socket no less :). Thank you Achilles for all that you have done for me over the years. You all are awesome!

below knee amputee with short limb
Krista Bowling
Patient Since 2011

"Whenever I go see Achilles, they make me excited about what's going to happen. After I leave, I walk better, and my attitude is better. I know everyone that works there. Whenever I go in it's like visiting a family member."

Allison Kristie
Patient Since 2019

In 2015 I was living in New Hampshire, being a California girl all my life, I did not know the hazards of a blizzard. Heading to work, I fell on slick ice and broke my foot. As it turned out, I had done some fairly bad damage to my foot that had gone undetected over time. I had multiple surgeries over the following years with no positive results. Then, I met Zak. While being fitted for an orthotic brace for my ankle I asked Zak questions about amputees and amputations. He discussed the pros and cons of amputation, something I was going back and forth with. With so much pain and inability to be mobile like I wanted I opted to electively be amputated. I became an amputee Dec 2019. Zak at Achilles has made my journey to walking again an extremely positive experience. The team at the Templeton office has made me feel more confidant, more outgoing and so excited about my future now.