Amputee Peer Support

If you will be facing an amputation or have a limb deficiency, it can feel like nobody understands and that you are alone. You are not alone. Achilles Prosthetics and Orthotics has a "Peer Support" program that was designed to match more recent amputees with more experienced amputees to offer support, guidance or just someone to listen and understand. Please take the step and contact us today if you are interested in being part of our group.

Peer Visitor

Trained by the Amputee Coalition of America Peer Visitor program, our Peer visitor coordinator wants to listen to your concerns and can share his story in order to help someone else in a similar situation. Successfully living with limb loss, peer visitors are available to give support, education and encouragement to new amputees and their families.

Support Groups

Taking part in a local support group may help you to adjust to your amputation and introduce you to further resources in your area.  Most areas throughout the country have access to at least one support group for people with amputation.  Contact Achilles for more information.