Allison Kristie
Patient Since 2019

In 2015 I was living in New Hampshire, being a California girl all my life, I did not know the hazards of a blizzard. Heading to work, I fell on slick ice and broke my foot. As it turned out, I had done some fairly bad damage to my foot that had gone undetected over time. I had multiple surgeries over the following years with no positive results. Then, I met Zak. While being fitted for an orthotic brace for my ankle I asked Zak questions about amputees and amputations. He discussed the pros and cons of amputation, something I was going back and forth with. With so much pain and inability to be mobile like I wanted I opted to electively be amputated. I became an amputee Dec 2019. Zak at Achilles has made my journey to walking again an extremely positive experience. The team at the Templeton office has made me feel more confidant, more outgoing and so excited about my future now.