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Patient Videos

These videos may also be found on our YouTube channel. Just type in "Achilles Prosthetics and Orthotics" in the YouTube search engine

Here is a video of a bilateral amputee's first time walking on her Endolite Elan microprocessor ankles:

Here is the same patient going up a ramp!

Here is an elevated vacuum prosthetic patient with the Kinterra foot and a Townsend knee orthosis:


One of our patients had received the Freedom Catapult Running Foot. Here he is testing out his cardio!

Here is a feature of our Double Amputee patient in the Bakersfiel Tuff Magazine.

This is a video of one of our patients learning to use his Bebionic Hand Prosthesis.

Here is a video of one of our patients who is a Below Knee Amputee Triatlete.



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