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At Achilles Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc., we believe in a collaborative approach to treatment.  Our patient care strategies have two component parts: (1) you, the patient, teach us about your expectations and goals; (2) we teach you about prosthetic-related issues and services.

Upon your initial evaluation visit, we will perform a detailed interview so that we can design a prosthesis that meets your individual needs and goals.  We will explain why we think a particular component or socket design will benefit you.  We always encourage you to ask questions and give input about your prosthetic limb design, fit and alignment.  We will provide patient education to assist you with home-care for your prosthesis in your daily life.

When we deliver a prosthetic limb to you, our primary focus is achieving the proper fit.  The most technical componentry is of little use to you if you cannot wear the prosthesis comfortably.  We understand that your success depends on your ability to use your prosthesis comfortably throughout the day.

A certified prosthetist personally designs your prosthesis and oversees all aspects of its fabrication and construction.  Your prosthetist is also personally involved in static fiting, dynamic fitting and alignment to provide the optimum fit and function of your prosthesis.

Our prosthetists are actively involved in continuing education of cutting-edge componentry and are qualified to fit all of the latest microprocessor knees and feet.  We also specialize in sports prosthetic design and prostheses for congenital anomalies resulting in amputation.


                        "Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for you. Hebrews 10:10"


                                      Here we have an elevated vacuum socket with a                                                               Here is an elevated vacuum socket with a

                                 Willowwood Limblogic pump and Endolite Avalon foot.                                  Willowwood Limblogic pump and Endolite Elan Microprocessor Ankle.  





WillowWood One System for Vacuum Suspension:

Endolite Elan Foot:

Pro-Flex® by Össur

Otto Bock Michelangelo Hand®

Bailey's C-Leg 4 Story


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